Save time for your business with peeled onions

Peeled Onions SupplierIf your work in the food industry already, you will agree with us when we say that buying peeled onions and an already cut product is a clever way to save plenty of time in any kitchen’s cooking process.

One of the key processes in any kitchen is the preparation of ingredients before starting with a recipe. In kitchens all over the world, this is known as “Mise en place”. This French term refers to the effectiveness of organizing and arranging ingredients prior to cooking.

This applies not only to having the correct equipment cleaned, assembled and ready; but also to having all the ingredients washed and prepared in the right quantities for each recipe. This could be relatively painless when referring to certain ingredients, but this is definitely not the case of with the majority of fresh produce. Let’s use onions as most obvious example.

Onions are a basic ingredient used in many recipes and of many different culinary cultures. It is also a fact that peeled onions are required in almost every single kitchen and in addition also have to be cut, sliced, diced, chopped or grated for many of the recipes with which they are used.

If we consider the amount of peeled onions that your business requires and how tedious this task is, you might like know of suppliers that can do that for you.

Select a Salad has, over the years, specialised in the preparation and supply of peeled onions to a wide list of clientele. Produce is counted and peeled with highly specialised machinery and have capacity to provide tons and tons of peeled onions per hour. We also have the capability of providing large volumes of peeled onions in just about any type of cut that you require: diced, chopped, sliced or grated.

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