Finding the Best Fruit Supplier for your Business

Tips to find the best fruit supplier for your business


Fruit SupplierIf you own your own business, you already know how difficult is to find the right suppliers. Often you find yourself depending on companies that never deliver on time, whose products are not always as fresh as promised or suppliers who frequently mess up your orders. Most people try to run their own businesses very differently and care about these limitations, so your expectations must be high, as your customers’ expectations are. Today we’d like to offer you some tips to ensure that you find the best fruit supplier for your business.

First of all, it is very important that your preferred fruit supplier delivers fresh and good quality fruit consistently. The best way to get it right is asking for feedback from some of the supplier’s clients. If a supplier ticks all the boxes for other companies, it is more than likely that they will work for you as well. To ensure that you receive fresh and good quality fruit and veg, you will need to make it clear to your supplier that you will only allow seasonal fruit or make sure that your supplier of choice can produce and supply fruit and vegetables of a high quality.

Secondly, set a time when you want the fruit supplier to deliver the order.  You may not only want deliveries on a certain date, the time must also be agreed on beforehand to ensure that the service is reliable and to avoid any miscommunication. You will also have to plan ahead and allow a little bit of margin for unforseen events and unavoidable delays.

Thirdly, and probably our most advisable tip here, is ensuring that the fruit supplier of your choice offers satisfactory customer support.  This comes down mainly to flexibility. There will be times when the normal activity of your business will put you in a position of having to get urgent deliveries, last minute orders or larger amounts of fruit. It is during times like these when you need your supplier the most and you need to be able to count on them. We recommend again that you contact other businesses for referrals, ask for references and ensure that your potential fruit supplier has been on top of the game during unexpected circumstances.

Select a Salad is proud to count with an extended list of clients who gladly will supply references about our performance and good and solid work ethic. Get in touch with us clicking here and let’s talk, because we believe that we are the fruit supplier that you are looking for today.

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