Onion Line

Onion top & tailing and peeling is done by 12 people. The peeling is done with a screw compressor 145psi with a 10 bar tank and 10 air guns attached to the tank used to blow the outer skins off. The product is peeled (±7 tons p/day) then pushed through conveyer belts into dipping baths, which split into whole, sliced and diced onions, once the onions have gone through their transformation using the following machines (a Kronen KUJ, Kronen UJ and a Kronen SUJ) they are then automatically pushed back onto the conveyor system which re-dips the product and then taken through a sanitizing tunnel which sole Onion_Line_3purpose is to spray the product and kill off all pathogens and germs with the use of UV lighting, The product is then Automatically weighed and packaged. Thereafter it is taken into Blast chillers to cool down to temperature; The sizes we cut are 5×5; 10×10; 15×15 and 20×20. Dicing staff operating the machines consist of 2 people and dishing staff 4 people.

The Onion Line is designed to be a no hands production line.

Our Factory is 100% temperature controlled, running on a water reticulation system, reducing gas emissions and utilizing all energy so that it is not being wasted into the atmosphere, it is a totally Green production plant, using hydrogen which is a natural gas for cooling.

Other onions go through to another department which is used in the mix vegetables, salads and other cuts such as sliced onions.

Once all the product is complete and checked by the QC it goes through into the blast chiller where it remains there until it has reached it specified temperature as per the client’s criteria.

Once it is down to the correct temperature, the truck is put into place for loading with the fridge on and down to temperature spec as well, the product is put through the metal detector as per our final CCP where it is checked for metal fragments from the blades and for foreign objects, then it is loaded into the truck for delivery.

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