Select a Salad is an experienced Salad Supplier in Johannesburg

The popularity of salads among consumers is increasing a great deal. There are several reasons for that and we will list them all shortly; but before we do that, let’s discuss some interesting statistics that will attract the attention of business owners operating in the food industry. You are about to understand why there has been an increase on the number of emerging fresh produce companies specialized as salad suppliers.

According to some studies and statistics run in the United States, 72% of the population chooses salads as one of the preferred foods and one person in five reports eating salads almost every day. Do you see now the importance of being able to offer salads to your customers? Furthermore, if you are interested in winning the loyalty of those customers that are passionate about salads, you better make sure that you also offer variety in your salad menu. What about partnering with a salad supplier to make this task easier?

Three facts about the increasing popularity of salads

We are all becoming more health conscious. More and more people are growing aware of the importance of having a healthy life style to avoid diseases and to enjoy a longer and happier life.

Diet and exercise is in everyone’s to do list and a lot of people are embracing new and healthy habits. There are 3 main reasons why salads are so beneficial for us:

  1. We can eat big portions of salad with very little dressing to increase our feeling of fullness and to lower the amount of calories consumed. Salads contain a lot of fiber, which is great to control the appetite and to improve the digestive function.Select a Salad is a salad supplier
  2. Salads are always the perfect dish to add some good fat ingredients. Are you an avocado lover? Do you like adding nuts to your salad for some extra flavour? Great! Because all these foods added to your salad, with a little bit of olive oil, assist absorbing some of the key nutrients in tomatoes and dark green vegetables.
  3. Fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients and vitamins. All these contribute to a good general health and can lower the risk, in a long term, of certain diseases.

Are you considering partnering with a good Salad Supplier?

Your answer is then Select a Salad. We are a well-known and trusted fresh produced supplier in Johannesburg, who specializes in prepared salads.

The advanced machinery that we use at our factories, allow us washing and cutting fruit and vegetables rapidly.

Contact the Select a Salad team today to find out more about the variety of prepared products that we offer to different businesses in the catering industry. We can offer you and your business a great service if you choose us as your preferred salad supplier.

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