Our New Cutting-Edge Factory


We have just moved in to our newly built factory which is located in City Deep Johannesburg. Select-A-Salad occupied its previous premises in Strijdom Park from 1999 until December 2017, it had become too small for Factory_Frontour operations.

Our new factory operates on a floor space of 3000m2 with a single line production set up for all of its produce. Each product line is separated from the next to make 0% chance of cross contamination.

Once the produce has been processed they are packaged and stored ready for delivery to the customer. The processed produce is delivered to clients who include:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Catering companies
  • Convenience stores
  • HotelsTrack_cropped
  • Prisons
  • Fruit Juice Producers

These companies process the ingredients supplied by Select-A-Salad into finished products like pies, soups, canned foods etc. which is then distributed to stores like fast food outlets, retail stores, caterers, the hospitality industry etc.


peeled potato supplier

We are a leading peeled potato supplier

Select a Salad has become one of the leading peeled potato suppliers in Johannesburg and the entire Gauteng province. Thanks to our very advanced in-house machinery, we can peel large amounts of potatoes quickly and efficiently. We have become an ideal partner for a large number of businesses in the food industry in South Africa. …

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prepared fruit and vegetables

Make your Business more Agile purchasing Prepared Fruit and Vegetables

The preparation of the ingredients required to complete a recipe is always tedious. It can, sometimes, take longer than the actual cooking process. And because fast turnaround times are one of the key factors in the catering industry, buying prepared fruit and vegetables is always a clever move for any business to make. Furthermore, saving …

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Select a Salad is a salad supplier

Select a Salad is an experienced Salad Supplier in Johannesburg

The popularity of salads among consumers is increasing a great deal. There are several reasons for that and we will list them all shortly; but before we do that, let’s discuss some interesting statistics that will attract the attention of business owners operating in the food industry. You are about to understand why there has …

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Peeled Onions Supplier

Save time for your business with peeled onions

If your work in the food industry already, you will agree with us when we say that buying peeled onions and an already cut product is a clever way to save plenty of time in any kitchen’s cooking process. One of the key processes in any kitchen is the preparation of ingredients before starting with …

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