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Let us share with you some information about this popular herb:

Origin and characteristics:

Thyme is a herb, commonly used to add flavor and aroma to culinary recipes but also have been used for centuries with medicinal purposes.

This herb is well extended geographically speaking, but it is best cultivated by those countries which count with hot weather and a fair amount of sun throughout the year. Asia and the Mediterranean region are the biggest producers of Thyme.


As the majority of herbs, thyme can be found with no problem throughout the year.


Thyme has been often used as a basic ingredient in medicine because of the great benefits that offer to our health.

The majority of the cough syrups contain thyme because assists with respiratory and chest issues. It is great to relieve congestion of the chest.

This herb is also very effective when fighting against different type of infections in our bodies: fungal, bacterial and viral. It can be used as an effective antiseptic in skin wounds and mosquito bites or stings.

As well as in medicine, thyme is commonly used in the dental industry. It is one of the key ingredients in toothpastes and mouthwashes as it is a great ally to combat the formation of plaque and bad breath.


As we mentioned previously, thyme is often added to dishes to enhance the flavor and aroma.

It can be added to fresh salads and vinaigrettes, as well as cooked dishes like your roasted vegetables and protein meals. Our only tip is that you add thyme towards the end of the cooking process, so the flavor is preserved to the fullest, as it could lose it if heated too much.


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