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Let us share with you some information about this delicious fruit:

Origin and characteristics:

The origin of strawberries goes back to France, where this fruit was first grown in gardens with decorative purposes.

Strawberries are very popular for their bright red color, the aroma and sweet taste.

This fruit is often used for dessert dishes, which are largely consumed in countries all over the world. Cakes, ice creams and milkshakes are some of the most popular choices.


South Africa is a good producer of quality strawberries. If you want to consume our local product, the best season to eat this fruit at its best is between April and November.


You will enjoy strawberries not only for their delicious flavor, but also because they are a great source of nutrients.

This fruit is full of manganese and a chemical called phenols. These two components are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory powerhouses.

A lot of people are not aware of this, but strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. This vitamin is essential to boost the immune system and to strengthen the body’s stress glands.

It seems that eating strawberries can assist regulating blood sugar levels as well, which is key to avoid diseases like diabetes or hypoglycemia.


Strawberries are commonly used on dessert recipes. However, they are also added to other dishes with decorative purposes or used as flavor boost of common dishes like salads. The combination of balsamic vinegar with the juicy and sweet texture of this fruit takes a salad from ordinary to extraordinary.

Among our favorite strawberry desserts, we have to mention the strawberry tart or strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain. This one can be a brilliant and fun idea for a big function.


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