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Select a Salad is the top onion supplier in Johannesburg and the province of Gauteng. You can get in touch with our team today and get a competitive quote on your onion order.

Let’s review some of the basic facts about this well-liked vegetable:

Origin and characteristics

Onions are, probably, one of the most popular vegetables in kitchens all over the world. The origin seems to go back more than 5000 years somewhere in central Asia.

The reason why this vegetable has managed to gain a prime spot in the traditional cuisine of many cultures is because of great flavor that this adds to a wide variety of dishes like soups and stews.

Based on the climate of the countries where onions are cultivated, these can present different colours, sizes, shapes and sourness.


Onions are available year-round. The only requirements for a convenient growth are keeping them in a cool space but out of direct sun.


There is a number of incredible health benefits associated to the consumption of onions:

  • Onions can be very helpful regulating blood sugar levels thanks to the chromium amount that these contain.
  • This vegetable is believed to play an important role in the prevention of cancer, due to a potent composite called quercetin.
  • Onions are great to relieve the pain cause by the sting of a bee.
  • For those looking for a healthy looking skis, onions will be their best ally. This vegetable has great anti-ageing benefits, it assists with the treatment of acne and it treats darks spots and pigmentation.


Onions can be eaten either cooked or raw. The most popular way to eat them raw is adding them to fresh salads.

When cooked, onions become a very important ingredient in soups, stews, pizzas and pretty much any dish you can think of.

Have you tried caramelized onions on top of your favorite steak? Just add a teaspoon of sugar to your sauté pan while frying the onions… Absolutely delicious!!

At Select a Salad, thanks to our advanced machinery, we have specialized peeling and cutting big amounts of onions in no time. We are proud to say that we are the best onion supplier in Johannesburg.

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