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Let us share some information with you about this popular vegetable:

Origin and characteristics

Baby marrows belong to the family of squash and are very popular in many countries.

This vegetable is known by different names in a number of countries around the world. In countries such as Australia, Scandinavia, Germany and North America, they refer to this vegetable as the zucchini; in France, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand this vegetable is known as the courgette; however, in South Africa we call it baby marrows.

This vegetable can differ in appearance, color and dimension but the common characteristic is that the flesh, seeds and skin are edible.


Baby marrows are available year-round.


There are a number of health benefits associated with eating baby marrows:

  • Baby marrows are very low in calories so are perfect for those following diets and eating plans. This vegetable is also high in fiber, which helps with the prevention of constipation.
  • The fact that this vegetable is high in fiber also contributes to the lowering of cholesterol.
  • It is said to assist in the prevention of cancer and not only that of colon cancer but also other types of this disease, due to the high levels of vitamin C and A, which act as strong antioxidants.
  • These vitamins will also act as effective anti-inflammatory agents preventing certain disorders like asthma or arthritis.
  • Baby marrows are high in manganese, which have many health benefits for the body, such as: helping to metabolize protein and carbohydrates and participating in the production of sex hormones.



Including baby marrows in your diet can offer you a whole new experience in the kitchen, as you will find thousands of new recipes to prepare and enjoy.

Our favorite is the original Italian baby marrows (zucchini) frittata recipe.  Follow this link to find out how to prepare this delicious dish easily:


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