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Let us share with you some information about this delicious vegetable:

Origin and characteristics:

The turnip is a root vegetable which is frequently grown in areas with a mild climate.

The white skinned turnip is the most regular variety of this vegetable and it normally shows a little bit of purple on those areas reached by the sunlight.

Turnips have a tough skin, similar to potatoes, and have a bitter and quite strong taste.


Turnips are available throughout the year, although the most optimal seasons for their consumption are spring and autumn.


Turnips are very low in calories and, therefore, ideal for well balanced diets.

This vegetable is a great source of vitamin C, known for being an effective anti-oxidant and for helping boosting the immune-system.

And for those whose bodies are lacking certain minerals, turnips will be great allies as these offer important amounts of manganese, copper, iron and calcium.


Turnips are generally consumed when added to soups and stews. However, this vegetable can also be eaten raw, cut into wedges and served with different types of dips.

This vegetable is also delicious roasted or mashed, becoming the perfect garnish for a balanced meal combined with a nice portion of protein.

This is our advice to cook a healthy mash. Boil the turnip in salted water until soft. Drain the water thoroughly and mash the turnip adding fat free milk to give it the creamy texture. Add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste and enjoy this delicious side dish.


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