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Let us share some information with you about this plant of intense color:

Origin and characteristics

The most common variety of beetroot comes in a profound purple color and a round shape. This plant contains a high amount of sugar, but we are talking of healthier sugar than the cane sugar.

Beetroot has been consumed by humans for centuries and its leaves were used for medicinal purposes in the Ancient Greece.


This vegetable is available for harvest at any time during the year


There are great health benefits in the consumption of beetroot. Keep reading here to find out more:

  • The high amount of folic acid is very important during pregnancy as this is essential for the appropriate development of the unborn baby’s spinal cord.
  • This plant is full of iron, which is the best ally for those suffering with anaemia.
  • Beetroot keeps our stomach healthy and avoid constipation due to the high amount of soluble fibre.
  • The nitrate content in beetroot assists widening the blood vessels, which is very helpful fighting the formation of cholesterol and can assist to relieve the symptoms of fatigue.


If today you are feeling tired, if your energy levels are too low to allow going through all your daily tasks, we recommend you then that you keep reading.

We would like you to try this easy and energetic beet juice recipe. A natural drink that is full of flavor and is source of great energy.

Ingredients: one large beetroot, one large carrot, one granny smith apple, 1 slice of ginger and half a lemon.

Method: rinse the ingredients above and peel the lemon. Put all the ingredients in the juicer and let the mix be processed.

This juice is absolutely delicious and will vitalize your body. Enjoy it!




















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